The impact of English on learners´lives

Abstract:The spread of English and its impact on educational domains and career trajectories has been well documented. However, the impact of the spread and penetration of English still needs to be investigated in some detail. This report presents the outcomes of a project that investigated the impact of English on learners´ wider lives and gathered data from five sites: Abu Dhabi, Bogotá, Shandong, Leeds and Salford. Data from this project suggests that after education and work, areas of lives most influenced by English are access to knowledge and new ways of thinking, as well as social contact and leisure activities. Resourcing English language teaching is often justified with reference to improved employment opportunities and standards of living. However, data revealed that English played an equally important role in enriching the quality of life. Data also raised questions about the ownership of English. The report suggests two tools for measuring the impact of English on learners´ lives.

Here is the full report:’_A4_web_FINAL.pdf

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